Harry Styles Wore That '90s Hair Clip You Still Have Lying Around Your Bathroom

Harry Styles: he's just like us when it comes to sloppy ponytails. This is a man with a beautiful head of hair, but here he is in Los Angeles with an old-school butterfly clip, looking like a hot mess — emphasis on hot, and I say this with love. I'll take a guess that he's either coming from or going to the gym, so I get needing to keep your hair off your face while working out, but I much prefer headscarf Harry to hair clip Harry.

But I digress. The very important part of the story here is that this means Harry's hair is growing out, and there's a glimmer of hope that long-haired Harry will be back in our midst. We may get to see his flowing locks dancing free while he prances around a stage on tour and singing every track from Harry Styles by Harry Styles and covering songs by his favorite bands, like Fleetwood Mac! Or maybe he just got lazy and grabbed one of his mom's butterfly clips the last time he was in England and is now using it to keep his hair out of his face when he doesn't feel like doing anything else with it. I feel you, pal. I've been there.

Harry's hair has been many variations of "short" since cutting it to film Dunkirk in 2016. Any time it starts to grow a little longer and fans' hearts go pitter-patter, he goes and gets a trim, dashing our dreams of once again living amongst long-haired Harry. Maybe this time he'll let it grow. We can certainly hope.