27 Bewitching Hocus Pocus Manicures You'll Definitely Want to Copy This Halloween

While we wouldn't fault you for watching Hocus Pocus year-round, we have finally entered the season where it is socially acceptable to be loud and proud about your love for the cult film. So what better way for beauty junkies to celebrate than by repping the Sanderson sisters on their manis?

Not only have tattoos inspired by the Sanderson sisters risen in popularity in the last few years, but around Instagram, nail artists are toiling and troubling over some crazy-realistic Hocus Pocus-inspired looks. The witchy women of Salem are sprouting up as designs on both short, clean cuts and long, bedazzled claw nails. That means every child of the '90s can get in on this trend, no matter their preferred style.

Ahead, we've found the most bewitching Hocus Pocus manicures. Read on, but be prepared to start practicing that casual, "look at my nails" pose for all of the pictures you're definitely going to want to take with these babies.