18 Tiny Hocus Pocus Tattoos That Definitely Won't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

We used to think that watching Hocus Pocus on a weekly basis throughout the entire month of October was a strong enough display of our love for the movie, but that was before we found out that there are dozens of people out there who are (understandably) dedicating permanent body art to the Halloween classic. We'll admit it: Hocus Pocus tattoos — specifically of the tiny variety — are a very niche category, but they're also very popular, and considering the fact that the film will forever hold a place in our spooky, Halloween-loving hearts, it's easy to understand why.

The trend itself isn't new at all, and these tattoos aren't something that fans of the film have to wait around until Halloween to get, but they're definitely a fun way to keep yourself in the holiday spirit all year long. Keep scrolling ahead for a few of our favorite tiny Hocus Pocus tattoos that we saw on Instagram.