Jen Atkin's Beach Wave Hack Is So Easy, You Won't Know What to Do With All the Extra Time

What if we told you that you could master those Pinterest-worthy beach waves with just a diffuser and a nifty time-saving hack? Well, get ready to free up an extra hour in your day courtesy of Kardashian hairstylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin. During a recent UK product launch, Jen let us in on a few of her top tips (like the fact we're shampooing wrong!) and helped us to finally achieve the waves we've been longing for the entirety of our lives. Jen shared a life-changing tip that's so simple, we can't believe we didn't think of it before.

First, it's time for product. Either apply Ouai Dry Texture Foam ($28) to your roots, gradually working it towards the ends until your hair is completely dry, or spritz Wave Spray ($26) to damp, sectioned hair. Then take one of these sections and, leaving an inch at the end, fold your hair up into an S pattern towards your roots. Place your hair in a diffuser and blast it dry. After a few seconds, release your hair, and voila! This look should give you loose beach waves full of volume in a matter of minutes. I tried this on my very straight hair when it was 90 percent dry and I was amazed at the volume and wave it created so quickly. The best part is that it lasted throughout the entire day, and the same can't be said for the results I get using a curling iron!

Watch the Ouai video for a full tutorial, and enjoy the extra time not spent battling with hot tools!