These Videos of Electric Razors Cutting Off Long Hair Are Surprisingly Satisfying

Many people generally consider hair clippers to be reserved exclusively for buzz cuts or similarly short styles. But a new salon trend lets clients with longer hair get in on the precision of "clipper cuts."

The electric razor and comb technique is one of the cleanest ways for someone seeking a blunt, one-length style to achieve a cut with a sharp edge. The hairdresser simply uses a large comb to demarcate where the new length will end, and then swipes the clippers across and below the comb, chopping the hair. While some choose to do it slowly and in sections, other stylists go full throttle and do the entire cut all in one motion.

Check out the comb-and-clipper Instagram videos ahead — we're sure you'll agree that short of using swords, this method is the most mesmerizing way to cut hair, especially for those of us who find even lines particularly satisfying.