"Champagne Beige" Is the Coziest Hair Color of the Season

There are a few ways that you can reinvent yourself and your image. You can switch up your normal makeup routine, get a new wardrobe, and even move to a new place. One of the easiest (and most noncommittal) ways, however, has to be getting a new hair color.

Whether you're doing a complete 180 or just getting highlights, there's something about a new hair color that can make you feel renewed. If you're considering getting your own transformation underway, there are quite a few popular hair-color trends to consider, chief among them being the ever-flattering "champagne beige."

"Champagne beige [is a shade of blond that] is very flattering on all types of skin tonalities and eye colors," Shvonne Perkins, master colorist at Madison Reed, tells POPSUGAR. "It adds gold hues and reflectivity to skin and eyes . . . everyone has natural gold and warm tones in their hair, so gold plays nicely with a range of hues." The color also works particularly well in the winter because although it is a cool-toned hue, it adds some light to a typically darker-toned winter palette. "This is a blond shade that is not as light as can be — it still has some color and depth," Reed says. "It is a nice contrast to the dullness some of us can feel in colder seasons when we're bundled up in scarves and beanies."

If you're thinking of getting the color for yourself, Perkins has a few tips. First, make sure that you're going to a professional. Second, keep in mind the tone of blond you'll want to be using. "If you're highlighting, let your stylist know you want medium to dark blond tones — level eight or nine — instead of going all the way to platinum-white highlights," Perkins says. Then, you will want to keep those pieces toned with color-depositing products that add gold and ash tones together. "This will be counterintuitive to most blonds who are accustomed to doing purple-toned everything," Perkins says. "However, the added gold is what makes this tone so flattering and unique. It's what brings the champagne reflection."

If you have curly or coily hair, you can get in on the trend as well, but there are a few tips to keep in mind. "If you have textured hair, it's best to achieve this look through highlighting," Perkins says. "It's best to highlight a level or two at a time, as using lighteners aggressively can have a negative impact on natural curl and texture. Just be kind to your curls as you lighten, and use something strengthening afterward like ProBoost Strength ($6) as a conditioning treatment."

Though the trend does in fact work for any hair color, it will look different depending on the route you decide to take with your transformation. "The goal here is to just leave some complex warm tones in the hair as you lighten," Perkins says. "That means this reads as a caramel highlight up against brunette hair and more of a champagne butterscotch highlight up against blond hair." In short, always make sure to take a reference picture with you to make sure your stylist knows exactly the look that you're going for and can provide you a realistic route to getting there. If you need some inspiration, get a closer look at different iterations of the trend ahead.