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How to Prevent Single-Strand Knots

Here's What You Should Know About Single-Strand Knots and How to Prevent Them

How to Prevent Single-Strand Knots
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As a person who's been growing out my natural hair since I was 18, I'll say that nothing about my journey has been more of a pain in the hiney than dealing with single-strand knots. As the name suggests, single-strand knots are the very small tangles you may often find at the ends of single hair strands. Also called fairy knots — but scientifically referred to as trichonodosis — they're especially common among people with kinky and curly hair.

"Single-strand knots happen when strands of hair — curly, coily, kinky, or any type of texture — start to grow out of the hair follicle and wrap themselves around the other hair strands, causing knots," celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew told POPSUGAR. These can be pretty annoying to deal with because they're so tiny, though they're not at all impossible to manage. Read ahead to find out how to deal with and prevent single-strand knots.

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