Take the Magical Beauty Trend to the Next Level With the Healing Power of Crystals

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I am a skeptic. Chalk it up to being a native New Yorker, extremely neurotic, or a combination of the two, but my entire life, I have refused to buy into concepts that I deem "crunchy granola" or "hippie dippy." But after trying — and enjoying — acupuncture and meditation, I've become more open-minded to alternative therapies, including crystal healing.

My newfound objectivity is perfectly timed, as crystals are having a major moment in the beauty world. I'm not talking rhinestone-encrusted packaging (though I'm always on board with that). No, I'm referring to using actual stones for health and beauty purposes.

I consulted three women who have a strong passion for crystals and their healing properties: celebrity esthetician Ildi Pekar (who has dozens of different crystals adorning her NYC skin atelier), Själ founder and author of the book Elemental Energy Kristin Petrovich, and Karma Bliss founder Devi Brown, who advised me on the best ways to incorporate them into a daily routine.

From the get-go, you should know that there is no scientific explanation for how these stones work. However, Petrovich broke down the concepts of healing therapy. "We are made up of water, tissues, and minerals, our bones have a crystalline structure, and just as we have an electronic exchange with the Earth, we have an electronic exchange with crystals, gemstones, and precious minerals," she said.

"Our bones have a crystalline structure, and just as we have an electronic exchange with the Earth, we have an electronic exchange with crystals."

"They vibrate at a higher frequency, which gravitates toward the weaker cells in our body," she said. This energy is said to work with the body's energy to create a sense of balance. Whether you believe in this or not, many have said to have felt the electric charge of crystals and experienced their properties.

I'll get into types of crystals and their specific benefits later, but when it comes down to actually picking out a stone IRL, all three experts said that shopping for the correct crystal is a very personal process.

"Look for the ones which you are drawn to or resonate with," Petrovich advised. "These are usually the ones that you need the most." She mentioned that the first time she went crystal shopping, the stone she selected caused a slight tingling sensation in her arm. (She believes this isn't coincidence — it was a rose quartz, which encourages love and friendship, and she found it at a time of loneliness in her life.) Pekar agreed, saying, "I believe the crystal will choose you, not you choosing the crystal."

Brown added that you should really take your time during the crystal shopping process. "It doesn't so much matter where you go to buy them," she noted, "but it is important that you try to feel their energy or focus on what energetic properties they have that you are willing to invite into your life." She recommended closing your eyes as you roll a crystal around in your hands.

Once you've purchased it, you must clean it. This is an important step, as you want to purify your crystal of any external energies that it may have absorbed. "Depending on the type, you can soak it for several hours in a salt and spring water mixture," Brown said. Porous crystals and stones like turquoise, opal, and lapis lazuli should be cleansed with an alternative method, such as smudging with sage. Pekar also likes to leave her new crystals out in moonlight or sunlight, which charges them.

Now that you're inspired to go out and buy a crystal, you have multiple options! Petrovich recommends that New Yorkers visit Astro Gallery of Gems and Rock Star, while Brown's brand, Karma Bliss, offers jewelry and accessories that incorporate crystals. Or you can go for the most glamorous route, which is shopping for beauty products that are actually infused with crystals. Considering that crystals' powers are best felt by keeping them with you at all times, it makes sense that a moisturizer or toner would do the trick (they're on your skin all day!). Keep reading to discover which stones you should try and how you can incorporate them into your regimen.



The crystal: Jade

Its properties: Jade has long been celebrated as a detoxifying stone and is said to help the user reduce water retention. It also contains magnesium, which reduces inflammation. (This all means that jade is an excellent option if you're looking to debloat!)

How to use it: Petrovich advises incorporating a facial roller into your regimen. Try Ling New York Cool Jade Roller ($90), using the tool in an upward and outward pattern on your skin. Pair it with your favorite skin treatment, or just enjoy its tension-relieving massage solo.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

The crystal: Clear quartz

Its properties: This crystal clears away negative energy and promotes good vibes while amplifying the attributes of nearby crystals (think of it as a booster!). It cleanses from deep within the body, making it an ideal stone for glowing skin.

How to use it: Pekar likes using this crystal in an elixir, which is done by immersing the stone in water and letting it charge for several hours. Then, the liquid takes on the powers of the crystal. She used this concept to develop the Ildi Pekar Hungarian Thermal Water Tonik ($88), a toner that also uses organic aloe and citrus peels to clarify and illuminate skin.



The crystal: Amethyst

Its properties: This purple iteration of quartz is known to heal and improve inflammation and is a particularly good option for those suffering from acne and breakouts, especially if they are caused by stress.

How to use it: Petrovich's Själ Bio-Regeneratif Serum ($275) includes amethyst (and diamond, ruby, sapphire, and tourmaline!) to improve skin's metabolism and protect it from pollution. She also recommends using amethyst in facial acupressure treatments and placing it on the third eye chakra for healing effects.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The crystal: Rose quartz

Its properties: This stone is excellent at calming skin and is said to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. It also reduces tension (both of the facial muscles and of the mind).

How to use it: Gemstone Organics Organic Rose Quartz Face Créme ($37) is loaded with the crystal and a cocktail of organic essential oils (including borage, black seed, and babassu) to richly nourish your complexion, leaving skin smooth and dewy. You can also try massaging your face with a tumbled rose quartz stone or wand to get similar benefits.



The crystal: Amber

Its properties: This is not a traditional crystal — it is actually crystallized tree resin as opposed to a mineral — but amber is known for its beauty-enhancing properties. Just as it glows from within, it can add a vibrant radiance to your skin.

How to use it: Amber's brightening benefits are paired with the skin-illuminating powers of vitamin C in Kristals Amber Multi-Vitamin C Brightening Serum ($350), leaving your complexion fresh, youthful, and free of hyperpigmentation. Pekar also recommends carrying a stone in your pocket and touching it throughout the day, which will give you bursts of its positive energy.