The Clever Makeup Hack That Will Make Your Cat Eye Last All Night

We're obsessed with longwear beauty products around here. If a lipstick extends long enough to sleep in, it gets a gold star from us. (We even put our mascaras to the nap test!) But it can be a struggle to find a eyeliner that lasts for hours without smudging — especially if you want to rock a color other than black.

Makeup artist Thomas Halbert came up with a clever solution: he used liquid lipsticks as liner! These formulas go on as smoothly as any eyeliner you've ever used, but dry quickly to a matte finish that won't come off until you remove it. Thomas created his vibrant ombré cat eye with Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in I'm Royalty ($18) and Queen Supreme ($18).

However, proceed at your own risk with this hack. While makeup is fun to play with, the FDA warns against using any cosmetics near your eyes that aren't made for that area of the face — you may be exposing yourself to germs from your mouth or to color additives that aren't approved for eye makeup use, which can irritate or harm your eyes.