Exactly How to Pull Off a Wedding Headband, According to Accessories Queen Justine Marjan

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The headband is officially back in style in 2019. And while we've seen the style everywhere — on the streets, down the runways, all over our Instagram feeds — the most surprising place we've spotted the trend is down the aisle.

Blame it on the return of Gossip Girl or on the loads of Alice bands we saw during both the Spring and Fall fashion weeks, but there's no denying that the hair accessory is in fashion again. The trend is so popular, even the royal family is jumping on board, with Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of Cambridge being the biggest headband fans. They've worn them in all shapes and sizes; in fact, the Duchess is such a headband pro, she's even found a genius trick for keeping them in place with her own hair — something we noticed when looking back at all her best hairstyles through the years.

With all this in mind, it should be no surprise that we're seeing people wearing headbands for their wedding. Especially since the headbands we're seeing in 2019 lend themselves well so well to a wedding-day beauty look: knotted bands covered in pearls, tiara-like designs complete with jewelled flowers and leaves, plush velvet bands that sit up high like a minicrown, to name a few. These styles are a far cry from the stretchy elastic bands of the '80s, or the frilly satin bows beloved by the queen of Alice bands, Blair Waldorf.

But on your wedding day, it's not just about the headpiece (which is important), it's also about the hairstyle that goes with it (which is even more important). Sure, you could simply slip one on and call it a day — a headband worn with a simple low bun seems to be the easiest solution. But if you want something extra special for your big day, or you're concerned with the band staying supersecure all night long, there's more to it than just placing the band on your head.

That's why we called Justine Marjan, hairstylist and expert on hair accessories (if you're unfamiliar, look no further than this incredible Met Gala look on Ashley Graham that included barrettes she designed herself). Marjan graciously shared what she considers to be the best wedding headband hairstyles, how to pull off the accessory without feeling OTT, and the most practical question of all: what on earth is the best way to keep them in place all day?

Read on to see Marjan's tips, then shop some of our favorite wedding headbands.

How Do You Keep a Headband in Place For the Entire Day?

The biggest question on our minds was how do you keep a headband — particularly when they're bigger or heavier — from slipping off while you're dancing, drinking, and mingling with guests.

"The key is getting a headband that is flexible and can mold to the shape of your head without it feeling too tight or uncomfortable", Marjan explained, adding that you may need to invest a bit more money to ensure security. "Most high-quality headbands are lined with padding for comfort and are flexible enough that they can sit firmly on the head without slipping." But if you've fallen in love with a headband that isn't supercomfortable, "you can also line the headband with additional padding or nonslip fabric to help keep it in place."

Which Hairstyles Are Best to Wear With a Headband on Your Wedding Day?

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle to go with the headband, think about proportions and how this will frame your face. "I love a low chignon, a mid ponytail, hair down straight or wavy, or with big, fluffy curls," said Marjan. "A chignon can make the headband look more like a crown or modern tiara, whereas wearing your hair down makes [the band] feel more relaxed." More importantly, it really comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable wearing on your big day.

How Do You Wear Wedding Headbands With Short Hair?

"I love a headband on short hair; it's such an easy way to style it and looks great whether the hair is sleek and slick, big and curly, or relaxed and wavy." The same goes for natural texture, regardless of curl pattern: you can slick the front back with the band and leave your spirals in all their natural glory.