Makeup-Lovers on Twitter Are All Making the Same iPhone X Joke

The world fawned when Apple announced that its 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X, will be coming in November. Among its many impressive features, there's one that caught the curiosity of the beauty world: Face ID. Taking the place of Touch ID, it enables the phone to "learn" your facial features and essentially unlock your phone with a selfie. Over on Twitter, beauty junkies have hilariously been wondering whether or not the X will recognize their face with no makeup vs. a full face. Because, who doesn't look like two completely different people with and without glam?

The truth is, the new iPhone is created so it can automatically adapt and recognize you under any circumstances: in different lighting, with a different hairstyle, different clothes, etc. Using machine learning, it scans your facial structure — and that doesn't actually change no matter how much of a pro you are at contouring. According to Apple, if there is a more significant change in your appearance (say, shaving a full beard), Face ID first confirms your identity by prompting your passcode before it updates your personal face data. Even if that's true, the jokes people have been making about the new feature over on Twitter are TOO real. Read ahead for semiserious inquiries from Kandee Johnson, NikkieTutorials, and more makeup-lovers.