Yes, We Saw Keke Palmer's Dress At Usher, but Did You See Her Nails?

Keke Palmer has had an eventful 24 hours. On July 4, she attended Usher's residency concert wearing a sheer-black dress, sparking comments about whether her attire was "appropriate" now that she's a mother. Still, amid all the (unnecessary) social commentary, it seems that people are still glazing over the one detail that's actually worth talking about: did you see those nails that she was wearing?

The actor arrived with a "paint chip" manicure — a trend that features a different shade of polish on each nail in the order of a gradient, much like you'd see on those "paint chip" swatch strips from a home improvement store. Palmer's look incorporated different hues of brown, going from a dark to light gradient on each finger. She finished the manicure with a few swipes of a glossy topcoat to provide some shine and completed the outfit with a matte-red lip and voluminous waves for an elegant but concert-ready ensemble.

In case you're unfamiliar with the trend, "paint chip" nails are a fun way to incorporate color into your look without having to get extravagant decals or stickers. You can choose to use different hues in the same color family, like Palmer did in this case, or completely buck tradition and pick a handful of your favorite colors for a look that is more reminiscent of the "skittles" trend. The best part about this look? There is no wrong way to do it.

Still, if you need some very timely inspiration for your version of "paint chip" nails, take a closer look at Palmer's below.

Instagram | @keke