Kendall Jenner’s Emmys Manicure Is Basically a Power Suit For Your Nails

Kendall Jenner walked onto the Emmys purple carpet with what could be considered the power suit of nail polish shades to match her latex dress. The model debuted a glossy black manicure that we, if we didn't know any better, would think was also made from the high-shine material on her body.

According to one expert, Jenner's nail polish color is going to be one of the biggest nail colors this Fall. "When you want to evoke power, black fits the bill — especially with a high-gloss finish," nail pro and founder of her eponymous brand Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR. "I predict growing popularity of black shades this Fall, bolstered by it being the ultimate gender-free nail polish shade. It's very hip and high fashion, so it works in any context in which you feel bold, confident, and in control."

Check out Jenner's latest manicure, ahead, along with nail polishes that will help you get the look.