You'll Be Surprised by How Simple Kendall Jenner's Beauty Routine Is

While we can appreciate the difference between Kendall and Kylie Jenner's individual looks, it's Kendall's flawless complexion and natural beauty that we most envy. Lucky for us, the 20-year-old Estée Lauder ambassador spilled her surprisingly simple beauty tips to MIMI, which we no doubt will be applying to our nighttime regimen tonight. For Kendall, it's all about hydrating and keeping things to a minimum. Scroll to find out how you too can achieve model-like skin.

"My nightly beauty routine consists of washing my face before bed. Normally I'm shooting and sometimes we have multiple makeup looks and changes so now I use an Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask once a week. It is super hydrating and helps restore my skin's brightness!"

"I never wear makeup on the plane, that's my number-one rule. I'll moisturize before heading to the airport also. Less is more for my skin."

"My nighttime ritual is easy: Wash my face, hydrate, drink a relaxing tea and chill."

"I need my sleep, but in this industry getting a full eight hours can be hard, if not impossible. Faking it requires a lot of water and going easy on sugar and salt."