Kim Kardashian Dyed Her Hair Pink

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Kim Kardashian just waved goodbye to her blond hair, opting for a brand new bubblegum pink color. The change came after she declared on Twitter that she was "tired" of being platinum blond. She showed off her new hue in a series of Instagram and Snapchat stories and later shared these on Twitter for us all to see, asking her followers "hey guys, do you like my pink hair?" That answer is yes, yes we do.

If you're at all skeptical as to whether the color is real, Kim has already confirmed on Twitter that it is in fact her real hair, saying "I don't really do wigs." We're just wondering when momager Kris Jenner will decide to follow suit with the color, like she did with her Miranda Priestly-esque blond?

The man behind the hue, Chris Appleton, is Kim's go-to guy for color switch-ups, and he shared a photo of the bubblegum colored dye plus what looks like Olaplex, the secret to healthy locks after a serious bleaching session!

When it comes to the Kardashian hair, is pink the new black? Hopefully, because we're in love. If you need any more inspiration before trying the shade for yourself, see how beauty babes of Instagram have rocked the color.