10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Beauty Stash Inspired by the KonMari Method

One of the greatest luxuries in my life is space. When a surface — be it my office desk or vanity bureau at home or bathroom cabinet — lacks clutter, my head instantly feels clearer. And the funny thing about space is that while it's free and something I can control, I often don't see much of it. As a beauty editor, I am constantly getting new products to test, and while this sounds pretty awesome (and it is!), it also leads to untidiness. So I crave clean space and product-free countertops.

Before my now-fiancé moved into my apartment last Fall, he gifted me Marie Kondo's bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And for me, it really was both life changing and magical. The essence of the KonMari method is to take out all of your items in a category and examine each one, questioning "does this bring me joy?" And only if it does, do you keep it. She then offers a ton of storage ideas, such as stacking items vertically in drawers so you can see them.

After reading it cover to cover, I took two days off to handle the big clean-out task. When I was on the other side of the emotional journey, I felt wonderful and my apartment finally felt more spacious. My beauty stash was significantly cut down, and while I have to work hard to upkeep it, I now know what to do when it's time to declutter.

If you feel like you need to try this method, keep reading to discover KonMari-inspired tricks and organizational ideas for your beauty goodies, shared by Instagram users.

Tip: Take out everything you own, decide which products "bring you joy," and only keep the ones that do.

Tip: Your bag counts! Make sure you are not hoarding beauty products in there.

Tip: Toss any old or irritating products, especially when it comes to eyes. Only keep what you truly love and use!

Tip: According to Marie Kondo, use small samples right away as they only last a few weeks to a year.

Tip: Put everything away, and only display beautiful items as decoration (not because they don't have a space or place).

Tip: Again, do not use countertops for storage. Find a home for every item.

Tip: Organize your products by color or type.

Tip: Create dividers in drawers with smaller boxes. It's a great way to store small items.

Tip: If you work in the beauty industry (like me!), make sure ALL spaces in your life have been KonMari-ed.