Kourtney Kardashian Talks Witchcraft and Giving Up Dairy For Better Skin

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My beauty style may be more closely aligned with those of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — the more contouring, the better! — but when it comes to personality, I am probably most like Kourtney Kardashian. Like her, I am sarcastic and love to crack jokes, care deeply about my skin and eyelashes, and have an abiding love of avocados. That's why I was pumped when I learned that I'd get to meet the eldest sister through her partnership with skin care brand Manuka Doctor.

In case you don't have her app, the mom of three seems to lead a far more holistic lifestyle than her siblings. She puts a strong focus on natural ingredients (this includes her skin care regimen and diet) and passes those values along to her kids. While Kim might share a breakdown of a recent Balmain outfit, Kourtney reveals the recipe to her infamous breakfast pudding. And though Khloé is similarly hilarious, the oldest sister's sense of humor is far more deadpan. I believe that this (along with her fascinating love life) has led Kourtney to be the most misunderstood of the three. Fans may think she is rude or curt, but she is just honest and unexpectedly witty — and that's what makes her fantastic.

So when I chatted briefly with Kourtney in a swanky suite at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City, I was hoping for a completely laid-back, sincere, and snarky conversation. To my delight, she did not disappoint. In addition to cracking dry jokes, she was surprisingly open about her and her children's diets, not to mention her honey- and bee-venom-infused skin care routine. Read on to get more into the most mysterious Kardashian!

On Her Partnership With Manuka Doctor

"Well, I put the manuka honey ($33) on my app. I did a 'Good For You Glossary' on manuka honey and the brand that I was using was Manuka Doctor . . . the brand happened to be looking for an ambassador for their skin care line. They reached out and I loved it! It's all natural, it goes with what I believe in for skin care, so it was just a really organic partnership."

On Her Skin Care Regimen

"I do the Foaming Face Cleanser ($35) in the morning. I use their [Purifying Facial] Toner ($34) and their Gold Dust Firming Serum ($40), and then I put on my own sunscreen. At night I do the same, except I don't do the sunscreen, obviously. And I don't moisturize my skin at night, but I put on their Replenishing Oil ($43).

"My sister and I have always put oil on our eyes, since seventh grade. Just the eyelids, that's the part of me that feels dry at nighttime. So I'll put it on my eyelid and under my eyes. I don't like eye cream for me . . . it just feels weird. I love the consistency of the oil, the way it smells . . . so I put that around my eyes and on my hands."

On Using Honey in Her Beauty Regimen

"My friend is actually coming over — I haven't done it yet — she has a beauty blog, and she's been one of my best friends since high school. She said, 'I'm going to come over and we're going to make a lip scrub and all these different things with honey.' So we're going to do that. We're just saying too that it's like Santeria witchcraft to put honey all over your body. You're supposed to attract a man or something. Not for that reason, but I want to do it — I love using natural stuff — because it just sounds like it would be a good thing to try!"

On Her Hair

"I had highlights when I was pregnant with Penelope, and I had blond hair in high school for like a month. It was not cute. But, I just like myself the best with dark, long hair. Whenever I look back at myself in photos I've had bangs, I'm just not into it. And when I do anything too crazy with hairstyles, like if I look back at old photos, it's like, 'Keep it simple!' It's timeless and you don't get sick of it. I know people want a change, people comment when I wear my hair straight down the middle, 'Switch it up!' You know? I just like it."

On Her Eyelash Secrets

"I think oil, when you put it on your eyes, does help your lashes. I love Lancome . . . I've always used Lancome mascara."

[Kourtney has revealed in the past that she uses Lancome Definicils ($28) to accentuate her fringe.]

On Her Diet

"My baby nurse was Brazilian and was eating [avocado pudding] one day . . . it's a famous Brazilian thing, so she would make it, and since she made it for me I've had it every single morning since. I love it. I can't take credit, but I eat it every morning. Everyone asks me, I have to share it on my app.

"I keep hearing that it's great for your skin to [give up dairy]. And this new doctor who my kids and I have been seeing just said we all have allergies to it. Which is not something that I think any of us had noticed, but then I keep hearing so many people keep saying you're not really supposed to have dairy after you're a year old . . . We do have it once in awhile, but in the last six weeks, we've had it like twice.

"I think dairy is the easiest to replace. There are so many milk options and cheese options. That hasn't been as hard, but we're gluten-free too and that's really hard. But once you figure out the things you can and can't have, it makes it much easier, so I think we're finally starting to find some things that are good. I found some bakeries that make chocolate chip cookies, you know, different stuff so we're not totally missing out."