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Kardashian Contouring Tips

8 Contouring Tips to Learn From the Kardashians' Makeup Artist

Kardashian Contouring Tips

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You quickly mastered lazy-girl contouring. You then moved on to expert face-sculpting DIYs, stealing tricks from Kim Kardashian and discovering the best contouring products along the way. Now that you're pretty much a pro, you're ready for tips from the ultimate contouring expert: the Kardashian sisters' go-to makeup artist, Rob Scheppy.

We met up with Rob as he demonstrated his famous techniques using the new Tweezerman Brush iQ tools, and we have to say, even if you don't like the way contouring looks in photos, we promise you would in person. Watching Rob work is like watching the art of a wizard. He takes his subject's best features and tunes them up while subtly (but powerfully) toning down any weak assets. When contouring at home, we advise that you ascribe to Rob's light-handed, more natural method. "Don't paint on stripes the YouTube way," he cautioned. "You want to blend as you go, blending the contour toward the highlight to create a gradient effect." This trick is just one of the reasons the Kardashians always look so flawless — read on to learn more (and see examples of Rob's work!).

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