Kylie Jenner Has a New Collection Inspired by Baby Stormi and We Want Every. Single. Item.

Kylie Jenner loves to drop major bombshells on the world, especially when it comes to her infant daughter, Stormi (who was, herself, surprise-revealed after nine months of utmost secrecy). So when Kylie picked an arbitrary Thursday afternoon to reveal an entire makeup collection inspired by her baby girl on Instagram Stories, we were pleasantly surprised but certainly not shocked. Everybody, prepare to feast your eyes on the Weather Collection from Kylie Cosmetics!

The massive drop is available starting Feb. 28 and includes two shadow palettes, a highlighter palette, a loose highlighter powder, three matte-formula lipsticks, a lip gloss, and four metallic creme shadows. According to Kylie, the vibrant collection is inspired by baby Stormi, hence palette names like "Calm Before the Storm" and "Eye of the Storm."

Luckily for us, the new mom has never been shy about swatching her collections, so she gave us all a sneak peek at the full collection of goodies. Check out the abundant (and oh-so-gorgeous!) swatches from Kylie's Insta Story ahead, then check back for updates about the Weather Collection soon!