Lancome Is Bringing Back Flavored Lip Gloss in an Impossibly Chic Way

Courtesy of Lancome
Courtesy of Lancome
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My foray into the beauty world started with flavored lip balms. I hoarded every Lip Smacker I could get my tiny grade school hands on. So naturally, when Lancome launched its now-iconic Juicy Tubes ($19) in 2000, I begged my globetrotting uncle to pick up a limited-edition set of them from duty-free. Once they were in my clutches, I prized these glosses. So much so, I never even used them, but kept them pristine in their packaging.

Those sophisticated (but still fun!) version of childhood lip balms are still popular, but now that I'm 27, I find myself leaning toward matte, long-wear formulas. For me, applying lipstick has become more routine and less about experimentation — a sad fact that I attributed to getting older and busier.

Taking nostalgia and current beauty trends into account, Lancome is set to launch the next generation of flavored lip color this April with Juicy Shaker. The vibrant oil treatments are inspired by those classic Juicy Tubes and one of the brand's products from 1946, The Shaker. The Shaker was a lipstick that featured a martini-shaker-shaped silhouette, as this was the time period when cocktails were very in vogue. You'll see that same shape in this new item's packaging.

For a lip junkie like myself, there are many attributes that make Juicy Shaker special. When you open the box, you'll find that the color has settled to the bottom of the bottle, letting the nourishing blend of apricot, cranberry, peach, almond, and rose de muscat oils rise to the top. Take the package and shake it — you'll hear the familiar sound of a martini shaker as you mix your cosmetic cocktail.

Once you uncork the cap, you'll find an innovative cushion applicator. Dabbing it onto your lips feels like kissing a supersoft teddy bear and leaves your pout infused with a sheer wash of color.

But perhaps the best parts about Juicy Shaker are the shades . . . and the flavors! There are 20 different tints and each corresponds to its own unique, delicious scent. While most are vibrant with fruity aromas, including Berry in Love and Mangoes Wild, there are a few unexpected options. There's a bright blue formula called Mint to Be, which Lancome declared a lip beautifier, as the cool tone enhances your complexion while making teeth look whiter. My personal favorite is Piece of Cake, a dusty rose that smells like almond financiers.

With this launch, Lancome intended to make applying and reapplying lip color feel new and exciting. I can honestly say that Juicy Shaker makes me feel like a kid again (in a good way). Instead of worrying about whether or not my lipstick will last throughout my various meetings, I'm thinking about the cushy applicator hugging my lips, imbuing them with a natural, pretty flush — and smelling cinnamon, citrus, or candy. It's a welcome, playful change to my beauty routine. Once you try it, I'm sure the formula will shake up your lip ritual, too. Read on to see every shade, then snap up your own Juicy Shaker ($21)!