Lava-Lamp Nails Will Make You Instantly Nostalgic

Darrel Hunter
Darrel Hunter

One of the easiest ways to shake up your beauty look is by changing up your nails. Though going to a professional manicurist certainly broadens your options, there's no shortage of cool nail trends to try from the comfort of your home. But if you are on the hunt for some inspiration to bring with you to the salon for your next big statement manicure, turn your attention to the celebrity-loved lava-lamp nail trend.

Kids from the '90s (and honorary members) will instantly fall for the nostalgic feels of this nail-art look. Whether you had your own groovy lava lamp sitting bedside or just admired a friend's from afar, you can probably picture the dancing waxy globs in your mind clear as day. What you might not have pictured was them becoming the next big trend in nails — oftentimes, inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

Not to be confused with "liquid molten" nails, which see color melting across the tip of your fingernails, lava nails use a combination of sculpting gel with color layered on top to create lots of lumpy textured.

Like with many other '90s-inspired beauty trends, lava nails already have quite the celebrity fan base. Dua Lipa, for one, is a huge lover of the maximalist, retro nails, having worn the look on multiple occasions. Saweetie is another fan, but she went with a more literal approach to the manicure.

With 3D nail art on the rise, we have no doubt lava-lamp nails will continue to trend well into 2023. To get inspired for your own manicure, keep scrolling.

Yellow Lava Nails

This yellow manicure features clear globs of sculpting gel on top to add texture.

Negative-Space Lava Nails

If you're not into the 3D texture, you can create the same lava effect using regular polish.

Rainbow Lava Nails

If you can't pick just one color for your lava nails, opt for a rainbow twist on the design. Paring the nail art with a negative-space clear base will keep it from being too over-the-top.

Dua Lipa's Chrome Lava Nails

Lipa opted for the traditional pairing of silver and orange for her lava nails.

Dua Lipa's Purple Chrome Lava Nails

Lipa also went for a purple version of lava nails with a reflective chrome finish.

Saweetie's Lava Nails

Saweetie's lava nails included pastel blue, purple, and pink designs on extra-long extensions.

Pink Lava Nails

Channel the classic lava-lamp colors with this two-toned manicure featuring baby and hot pink.