These Revolutionary Color-Changing False Eyelashes Are a Rave For Your Face

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A revolutionary eyelash invention is making extensions and magnetic variations seem standard. At the annual Maker Faire in the Bay Area, designer Tien Pham unveiled a pair of interactive LED false eyelashes, referred to as F.Lashes.

Here's how they work: the eyelash strips are glued to your natural eyelashes using any regular eyelash glue. A small watch battery is then attached to the back of your head using hair clips. Two tiny wires then connect the battery to each eyelash strip.

In a video taken at the fair, Tien is shown demonstrating the glowing eyelashes and their many modes. By pressing a button attached to the battery, users can make the eyelashes sparkle, move from side to side, and more.

The futuristic eyelashes ended up receiving an Editor's Choice ribbon at the Maker Faire. By mid-July, Tien plans on creating a Kickstarter page to fund production and begin selling F.Lashes to the public. As a result, pricing is not currently available. Tien does, however, know that he will be designing the eyelashes to come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green.