27 Nail Ideas to Celebrate Pride at Your Fingertips

  • June marks the start of Pride Month, which honors LGBTQ+ communities.
  • One way to celebrate is with Pride-inspired nails.
  • Manicures often include colors emblematic of the Pride flag, transgender flag, nonbinary pride flag, and more.

Color is everywhere each Pride month. One of the most distinct symbols is the rainbow flag — a representation of a "new revolution: a tribal, individualistic, and collective vision" for the gay community, according to its designer, Gilbert Baker. It's a symbol of unity with colors that, for many, can simply evoke joy. Still, it's not the only one worth celebrating; there's also the transgender flag (using baby blue, pink, and white), nonbinary pride flag (purple and black), lesbian flag (pink, orange, white and red), pansexual flag (pink, yellow, and blue), among others.

Celebrating this month and showing support to the LGBTQ+ community — whether you're out on the streets or keeping it virtual — can take many forms. Beauty enthusiasts, for example, can do so through festive makeup or paint on a colorful Pride nail look. No nail salon required.

Ahead, check out our favorite Pride-inspired nail art ideas for all skill levels that will help you show your support on your fingertips.

Pride Fist Nail Art

Pride French Manicure

Rainbow Negative Space Nail Art

Nonbinary Flag Swirl Nails

Pride Striped Nail Art

Rainbow Tips

"Love Not Hate" Nail Art

Rainbow Color Combination Nail Art

Rainbow Tie-Dye Nail Art

Rainbow Outline, Lipstick-Shaped Nail Art

Diagonal Striped Rainbow Nail Art

Trans Flag-Inspired Skittles Manicure

Sheer Rainbow "Blobbies" Nail Art

Colorful Abstract Shape Nail Art

Squiggly Rainbow Nail Art

Skittles French Manicure

Rainbow Star Nail Art

Colorful Daisy Nail Art

Rainbow Geometric Nail Art

Rainbow Polka-Dots and Stripes

Rainbow Accent Nail

Nonbinary Flag Accent Nail

"LOVE" Rainbow Drip Nail Art

Rainbeaux Cloud Nail Art