Lil Nas X Broke Out Over $50,000 Worth of Birthday Bling With His Diamond Manicure and Grillz

Lil Nas X celebrated his 22nd birthday with plenty of bling. The "Montero" singer shared photos from his special day on April 9, and two accessories took center stage: his sparkly diamond manicure and jeweled grillz. Designer David Tamargo of Alligator Jesus told POPSUGAR all about what it took to create the unique nails and complementary mouthpiece — including the hefty price tag.

Tamargo's celebrity client list is vast and includes Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, just to name a few. He said the diamond and opal grillz we see Lil Nas X wearing retails for around $28,000, and the nails are even pricier. Tamargo fitted the singer's hands using micro-pave VVS stones, and said: "When broken down with his carat count per nail, it averaged to $3,000 per finger." For the mathematicians at home, that's a grand $30,000 total. "I guess we've been the best kept secret jeweler to the stars for a while now," Tamargo said.

Tamargo has been working with Lil Nas X since October (he also created a custom earpiece for the "Montero" music video and grillz for the singer's Nicki Minaj Halloween costume), but a manicure set like this takes his team about one to two weeks to put together. He uses 3D scanning and sculpting to provide an "absolutely astounding perfect fit." Tamargo expects this trend will continue as he has more nail sets in the work for NBA athletes — stay tuned.