10 Reasons Lilly Singh Is the Ultimate Beauty Superwoman


If you aren't already familiar with YouTuber Lilly Singh, then you are missing out on some serious LOLs, beauty inspiration, and straight-up girl power.

Better known as "Superwoman," she is a YouTube powerhouse, boasting a troop of seven million subscribers who tune in to her channel for hilarious (and totally relatable) vlogs and skits. Lilly's wit, positive attitude, and authenticity have taken her from an online personality to an international star. She has an impressive three million followers on Instagram, and she's currently on a 27-city world tour. Lilly has been recently featured on Forbes's "30 Under 30" list, and she has a film on the way. Now she's about to rocket to the top of your beauty-crush list.

Though it's her comedic chops that made her famous, Lilly also serves up some serious inspiration on the beauty front. Her warm complexion is the perfect canvas for any makeup look. She sports long, mermaid-esque locks that can be shaped into just about any hairstyle, and she isn't afraid to go barefaced and embrace her natural beauty.

But whether she's snapping it up makeup-free or posing with a polished red pout, it's her sparkling personality that makes her the complete beauty package! Keep reading to find out why she's worthy of your next obsession.


Her backstage glam is on point.

That fishtail braid is to die for.


She was born to wear red lipstick.

Check out that bold cat eye, too!


Hair and makeup doesn't get in the way of her snacks.

Because a girl's gotta eat.


She can pull off lengthy mermaid waves.


She loves a good braid.

Like this causal side plait.


And these perfect dutch braids.


AND these polished conjoined plaits.


She isn't afraid of ink!


Her bouffant is larger than life.

And she mixes things up with colored contacts!


She switches up her swag with wigs.


And dares to wear pops of rainbow.


But she isn't afraid to bare it all.

And looks damn good doing it.