Fans Have Some Theories About the Next Lip Smacker Disney Balms

We haven't even seen the new Lip Smacker's Disney Emoji Balms and can already tell they're going to be the cutest things we've ever owned. If the first four Disney Emoji collections are anything to go by, we're in for a treat, and it's going to be adorable. The original emoji balms included Mickey, Minnie, Belle, and Cinderella, so there's lots more room for other characters to join in on the fun.

Commenters are already speculating on which characters will be in the lineup with popular guesses including Winnie the Pooh, Simba, Marie from Aristocats, Daisy Duck, and Dumbo. People are also pleading the brand make straight-up Disney Princess lip balms. Although no information about the new flavors has been released, they are sure to be sweet. We've reached out to the brand and will update this post once we have more information.