"Liquid" Hair Will Be the Hottest Trend to Try This Fall

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It seems we'll never lose our obsession with getting slick, almost-wet hair that gives us the just-left-the-salon look. A few years ago the hottest trend was "glass hair," a pin-straight style that was so smooth and shiny, it could reflect light just as well as, well, glass. Now there's a new hair trend taking over red carpets and Instagram alike called "liquid" hair — only this iteration turns the gloss up a notch. It's so popular that it's been seen on almost every celebrity imaginable, from Ciara to Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez. Not to be confused with wet hair, which gives the appearance of actual damp hair, this trend is all about making everything look sleek and shiny.

Ahead, a celebrity hairstylist breaks down everything to know about the liquid hair trend, including what it is and how to achieve it at home.

What Is Liquid Hair?

"Liquid hair is long, perfectly straight, and extremely glossy," celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman tells POPSUGAR. "It takes healthy, shiny hair to the next level, and it reflects light and appears to be almost liquid."

As we previously mentioned, the liquid hair look has already been worn by the Kardashians, Dua Lipa, and Fox, and Lopez, which, according to Richman, is why the trend's popularity is on the rise. "The trend is also extremely popular because it's very easy to achieve," he says. "It's straight hair elevated using the proper products and tools."

Luckily, it works for all hair types and textures, so as long as you're okay with spending some quality time with your flat iron, you can absolutely achieve it.

How to Get Liquid Hair

To get the look at home, make sure you start off with a heat protectant. Our current favorite is the Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist. Next, Richman recommends massaging damp hair with a light hair oil — his favorite is the Monat Rejuvenique Oil Intensive — before following up with a blow dryer and a wide-plated flat iron to make it look extra sleek.

Liquid Hair Inspiration

If you're feeling inspired to try it out yourself, check out a few of our favorite takes on liquid hair ahead.

Kim Kardashian's Liquid Hair

Kim Kardashian shows off her straight liquid hair with a middle part.

Jackie Aina's Liquid Hair

This look is sleek and stunning.

Megan Fox's Liquid Hair

This liquid hair on Megan Fox has a subtle side part.