There's a Really Special Meaning Behind Lucy Hale's Newest Tattoo

Lucy Hale has an all-new tattoo, and much like the 16 other pieces of ink she already had in her collection, it has a pretty special meaning. The Pretty Little Liars alum shared a photo of the design via Instagram on Feb. 21, and it's a butterfly drawn in simple black ink by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone, in his signature fine line style.

This is the third tattoo the actress has added to her collection in the last year. Back in June, she got two tats, honoring her dog Elvis as well as two nieces and a nephew. Butterfly tattoos are typically seen as a symbol of freedom and transformation, or in Hale's case, rebirth, which she noted at the end of her Instagram caption. "You've outdone yourself @winterstone," she wrote. "Thank you! Rebirth."