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The Meaning Behind Lucy Hale's 16 Tattoos

If You Love Tiny Tattoos, You Might Want to Take a Page Out of Lucy Hale's Book

  • Lucy Hale as a ever-growing collection of tiny tattoos.
  • Hale has 17 known tattoos.
  • Many of her designs hold a special meaning to her.

Lucy Hale's tattoos may be tiny and sometimes hard to spot, but the Katy Keene actress has racked up an impressive collection, some dating back as far as 2012. All but one of her tattoos can be found from the waist up, which may come as a surprise if you're use to seeing her on TV, since they're usually covered by makeup!

Hale has 17 tattoos, four of them being matching tats she has with important people in her life, like her older sister, best friend, and even the Pretty Little Liars cast (yep, you read that right!). Her most recent artwork includes not one, but two tattoos; one being her dog's name inked in cursive and another the years her nieces and nephews were born. We know — super adorable.

To learn more about the meanings behind Hale's tattoos — like the elephant she got on a whim in Cambodia or the tat she got after a crazy breakup — keep reading. Plus, it makes for great inspiration if you've been dreaming about getting one yourself.

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