This Major At-Home Haircare Brand Will Stop Retouching Its Models

Madison Reed
Madison Reed

We're only a few months into 2018, but so far the beauty industry has taken some major steps toward more transparent advertising. First, CVS announced that it will roll back on photoshopping its models, going so far as to create a seal that lets customers know when an ad has been retouched. Then, luxury skincare brand Babor released a breathtaking campaign that showcased the natural — and unfiltered — beauty of its stars. Now, at-home hair dye brand Madison Reed announced that it will use "raw photography" in all of its imagery, in an effort to move toward more authenticity in advertising.

Some quick clarification, courtesy of a Madison Reed press release sent to POPSUGAR: "Many brands have vowed to not 'materially alter' the appearance of women in their imagery, but that leaves room for retouching." Some examples of retouching include minor smoothing over of wrinkles or digitally taming flyaway hair. So when Madison Reed reps say the brand won't "retouch" photos, that means it straight-up won't change a thing.

As chief marketing officer of Madison Reed Heidi Dorosin said in the release, "Recently, we had a photo shoot with six amazing women, some of whom are over the age of 50. When we received the digital files, we thought, 'Why alter these photos?' Yes, these women have wrinkles. Yes, they have smile lines. But these are all qualities that made the women even more beautiful to us."

Brand founder Amy Errett said, "Long ago, I decided Madison Reed would never use seductive photography. In fact, I named the company after my daughter to empower her to find her own path, with grace and without apology. So I am thrilled by our decision to promise zero photo alteration in our advertising."

This no-retouching policy will apply to advertising photos only — some web images and product packaging will continue to be altered. However, any photo that bears a Madison Reed "Real Mark" seal has not been retouched. Read on to see this beautiful campaign in action.