Madonna's Milk-Bath Nails Will Convince You to Try the Trend

Madonna is the latest celebrity to join the milk-bath nail trend. The singer posted a picture to her Instagram Story rocking her signature bleach-blond hair color and a sultry berry lip.

If that wasn't enough to stop you in your tracks, her well-manicured hands were wrapped around a Versace tumbler, putting her trendy nail look on full display. Captioning the photo "Are you thirsty?" the singer's version of the manicure saw her long, soft, almond-shaped nails in a sheer, milky-white color.

Milk-bath nails have been a Hollywood favorite over the past few months and have also been seen on other celebrities like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, and Simone Biles. "Milk-bath nails are acrylic nails where colorful dried flowers are embedded into a milky color acrylic," manicurist Elle Gerstein previously told POPSUGAR. But if you're not much of a floral person, channel your inner Madonna and skip the nail art to keep the look fresh and simple.

Milk-bath nails can also be combined with other popular nail trends like the french tip, so if you're feeling inspired to switch things up, be sure to keep your options open. Take a closer look at Madonna's nails ahead.

Instagram | @Madonna