20 Marble Nail Art Tutorials That Are Truly Mesmerizing

Let's be honest: while we adore looking at other people's nail art, we are often too busy (or lazy) to re-create it on our own tips. Marbling is one of those techniques that has seemed especially daunting. To achieve a perfectly marbled manicure, you either have to plunge your nail into a cup of water that you've carefully poured lacquer into — seems so hard! — or paint on thick coats of polish and quickly craft designs with a toothpick (so messy). Instead of even trying to get fancy, we always just resign ourselves to a basic, classic manicure.

Russia-based nail artist Sveta Sanders is breathing new life into our love for lacquer, though! We've followed her Instagram account for ages and always been mesmerized by her quick tutorial videos. She's a skilled artist, but it's her marbling techniques that have us truly wowed — and excited to try them ourselves.