Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Revealed She Used Pinterest For Wedding Makeup Inspiration

Meghan Markle's royal wedding makeup was praised for being the perfect mix of sophisticated and subtle — her eyes delicately defined, her lips ever-so-slightly enhanced, and of course, her signature freckles shining through. Well, it turns out that to get inspiration for this classic beauty look, the Duchess of Sussex turned to a platform many soon-to-be-brides will find (very) familiar: Pinterest.

"I didn't have a makeup trial with her because we couldn't make the time"

Yup, that's right. Like a lot of us (even those of us who are not getting married any time soon), Markle uses Pinterest. More specifically, she used the image-based social media website as a source of inspiration for her wedding day. Makeup artist Daniel Martin revealed on beauty podcast @Gloss_Angeles — hosted by former POPSUGAR beauty editor Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan — that he and Markle "exchanged a few Pinterest pictures over text," explaining that Pinterest is a great tool to use as a reference for wedding makeup. While he didn't reveal details of the photos that were saved, we do know one thing is for sure: there will have been plenty of freckles present.

Thankfully, Martin is Markle's longtime makeup artist, so he knew exactly what her makeup likes and dislikes are, a fact that came in handy when the two good friends didn't have time to get together for a trial. "I didn't have a makeup trial with her because we couldn't make the time," Martin admitted to the hosts of the beauty podcast, so Pinterest was the perfect solution for ensuring their visions were aligned, even with their busy schedules and the fact that Markle was in England and Martin in the United States.

We also know that it wasn't just the makeup that went into Markle's wedding-day beauty. Markle may not have had time for a makeup trial, but she did squeeze in time to get a facial with British aesthetician Sarah Chapman, ensuring her complexion was glowing for her big day."Knowing [Meghan] would be in good hands and have her skin taken care of meant my work was pretty much done," Martin revealed earlier this year, noting he only "spot treated" areas of her skin with foundation.

And what made it all the easier for Martin was Markle's ever-cool and calm nature. "[Meghan's] the most chill person. That morning was just easy. Nothing phased us. She's still the same person."