Michael B. Jordan Says Yes to Red Lipstick, No to Nail Art

What better place to talk to a hot guy about beauty than a party on a yacht? Last week, to celebrate the launch of Axe's new Gold Temptation fragrance, we sat down with Michael B. Jordan to find out how he feels about red lipstick and nail art as well as what he notices first about a woman. The charming actor, who we've admired from Friday Night Lights through That Awkward Moment, also revealed his biggest beauty pet peeve and which of his costars smells the best. Check out what this hot guy who smells amazing has to say about women, beauty, and fragrance.

POPSUGAR: Of all the characters you've portrayed, which one do you think smelled the best?
Michael B. Jordan: Probably Mikey, from That Awkward Moment.

PS: Of all your past costars, who in real life smells the best?
MBJ: Probably Shari Headley, who played my girlfriend's mom on All My Children. [Laughs] So, my girlfriend's mom smells the best. Also, Susan Lucci smelled amazing. She's flawless; I love that woman.

PS: You're 27. What is the biggest mistake you think guys in their 20s make when it comes to grooming?
MBJ: Thinking that they don't need to put on deodorant. I think sometimes they overlook it. They get away with it for a day, and then they think "well nobody said anything," and that might turn into a habit.

PS: What sort of hair or makeup look on a woman really turns you off? What do you always fall for?
MBJ: I like subtle makeup. I don't like anything too dramatic. But everybody has their own thing. What looks great on you may not look good on somebody else. So I can appreciate that for the most part.

PS: What about red lipstick?
MBJ: I love red lipstick. It looks good on. It's just so incriminating. Like "No I didn't kiss her at all!" It can be a little high-maintenance.

PS: So you might hesitate to make out with someone in public if she was wearing red lipstick?
MBJ: Yes, that definitely decreases the chance of me kissing you in public.

PS: What about nails? Are you into long nails, short nails, or nail art?
MBJ: I don't like a lot of dramatic nails. It's too much for me. I don't like long nails either; medium nails are cool. I like color, but not rhinestones, Hello Kitty, all that stuff. There's other ways you can express yourself.

PS: What's the first thing you usually notice about a woman?
MBJ: Eyes. Eye contact is such a connection for me. Eyes, teeth, legs, and hands. I pay attention to hands a lot. I like slender hands. There's just something about the way a woman touches you or grasps your arm.

PS: Any other beauty pet peeves you want to get out there?
MBJ: Oh . . . Do I want to go there?

PS: What? Is it about bikini waxing?
MBJ: No! It's, you know, when a woman's hair sheds a lot. That's one of my pet peeves, for sure! It's all over the place. It's like, how did it end up in my underwear?! This just came out of the dryer! I think in my old apartment, my ex-girlfriend's hair is still in there somewhere.