If You Have Trouble Committing to 1 Design, the Mismatched-Nail-Art Trend Is For You

Remember the old days of nail art when you'd strategically place one design (my go-to in middle school was a dainty white flower) on your ring finger and call it a day? Over the last few years, nail art has made a huge return in the way of designs and embellishments on all 10 fingers for a real statement look. While this salon trend is still alive and well, more recently it has evolved again into the new and improved mismatched-nail-art trend.

You may have noticed an uptick in mismatched manicures on your Instagram feed, with different hand-painted designs on each finger by top celebrity nail artists and influencers. The meticulous nail designs are tiny works of art and make for a real attention-grabbing manicure. Between this and the skittle nail trend, those bad-decision-makers who have trouble settling on a single design or nail polish color are thriving right now.

The real beauty of the mismatched nail-art trend is that it allows for maximum creativity. From varying abstract designs (like Kylie Jenner's mani), to small decals and icons, you can show some real personality through your nails with this look. It's the perfect go-big-or-go-home manicure for your first trip back to the nail salon post sheltering in place.

Keep scrolling for the best inspiration shots of the mismatched-nail-art trend on Instagram.