Nail Art For Short Nails Has Never Looked This Good

Whether it's a minimal geometric sticker or a full-on 3D work of art, let's face it: nail art can take a manicure from good to spectacular. Typically, these designs have been relegated to long nail lengths, but we're here to tell you that nail art for short nails can be just as impactful.

Though you don't have as much space, don't feel like your nail-art options are limited just because you're dealing with a shorter length. "When selecting nail art designs for short nails, it's best to keep things simple," Mazz Hanna, celebrity nail stylist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood, tells POPSUGAR. "Working with negative space in the nail plate can be a great way to do something fun and understated. Some of my go-to designs for short nails are micro french lines, metallic cuffs, and simple geometric work on a neutral base. They all look super chic on a shorter nail."

Celebrities who have long championed nail art for short nails include Lori Harvey, Kehlani, and Olivia Rodrigo, so if you're on the hunt for inspiration from the stars, you've got plenty. There's also a ton of inspiration on the internet, so we went ahead and rounded up some of our favorites from Instagram.

Mix-and-Match Bright Pattern Nail Art For Short Nails

Whether you're going on a tropical getaway or just in the mood for a summery set, this mix-and-match short nail design featuring flowers and checkers will satisfy all your manicure needs.

Minimal Dots Nail Art For Short Nails

These chocolate dots over a neutral base are the perfect short gel nail design to try, no matter what season you're in.

Tennis Ball Nail Art For Short Nails

Whoever said short nails are boring has clearly never seen this vibrant blue and tennis ball-inspired set.

Simple Dots Nail Art For Short Nails

If you're into minimalism but crave a pop of color, this nude set with red gradient dots is perfect to elevate your short nail gel manicure.

Floral Nail Art For Short Nails

Floral nail art makes any manicure stand out, and this one stays within a color family to make the manicure look more cohesive.

Abstract Black and White With Dots For Short Nails

This abstract black and white short nail design featuring white bold dots is another great option for those who want to make a subtle statement with their manicure.

Color Block Swirls For Short Nails

How cool is this color block swirl set? Play with different colors like this lime green and hot pink combo to create a fun, short manicure.

Minimal Florals For Short Nails

If you're an extreme minimalist but want to make a subtle statement with your nails, this floral set featuring black corners and mini white orchards is the ideal short nail design for you.

Neutral Reverse Corners French For Short Nails

This unconventional yet sophisticated twist on the timeless french set is another chic option if you're new to the short nail lifestyle.

Black Swirls With Pearls For Short Nails

This classy short nail design, featuring white pearls and sophisticated black swirls, is simply perfect, especially for a special event.