3 Natural Hair Trends That Will Dominate in 2021, According to a Pro

There really is no limit to the amount of gorgeous ways you can cut, color, and style natural hair. It's for this reason that, when we dug into the hair trends that will take over in 2021, we weren't surprised to see a variety of different styles land in front of our noses.

Given the shelter-in-place orders that have been put into effect in many cities for a huge chunk of the year, 2020 has seen people embracing a lot of braided and protective hairstyles while spending more time at home. With a new year quickly approaching, you can expect more styles that are easy to achieve without the help of a pro, as well as hairstyles inspired by previous decades.

"Natural hairstyles are showing no sign of fading away," celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer ambassador Takisha Sturdivant-Drew told POPSUGAR. "They are fashionable, easy for people to do on their own at home, and can be styled in so many ways. As we look forward to a new year, nostalgia will be a major driver for many trends in 2021."

Looking for specific examples? Read ahead to check out three major natural hair trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2021.

2021 Natural Hair Trend: Bantu Knots

You might think of Bantu knots as a convenient way to give your natural hair a dramatic set of curls without risking heat damage, but they're also perfect for keeping your ends tucked and free from overmanipulation for at least a few days.

"This look will become ubiquitous in the new year," Sturdivant-Drew said. "Bantu knots are very easy for people to do themselves at home and will grow in popularity as many salons remain closed. People want healthier hair, and this fashionable '90s look is a great way to achieve that."

The best part is that you can even customize the style with different part designs, extensions, and hair colors.

2021 Natural Hair Trend: Textured Retro Bob
Getty | Emma McIntyre

2021 Natural Hair Trend: Textured Retro Bob

Curly bangs quietly took over our Instagram feeds this past summer, and you can definitely expect to catch a more retro version of this look taking off big time in 2021.

"This curly and defined look is tighter and has more of a coarse texture," Sturdivant-Drew said. "The '80s retro look will be a major hit as we approach spring and summer." Unlike the shaggy haircuts that have been all over social media as of late, this version of the style features side bangs, as opposed to curly bangs, that frame the entire forehead.

2021 Natural Hair Trend: Color With Major Texture

After the year we've had, who among us wouldn't want to start fresh with a major hair color change? "Ladies will be clamoring for color with texture, cut, and style, allowing them to be loud and proud, embracing their authentic selves," Sturdivant-Drew said.

The great thing about coloring your natural hair is that, even though it's recommended you seek assistance from a professional to get the job done, there are still safe ways for you to color your hair at home, whether it be with box dye or a temporary hair chalk.