Ciara Just Debuted Retro Bangs, and I Got Déjà Vu Just Looking at Them

While nearly everyone in Hollywood is jumping on the modern shag haircut bandwagon these days, Ciara just debuted a fun hair change that takes inspiration from another decade. The singer recently shared a photo of her brand-new bangs via Instagram, and if it weren't for the timestamp on the photo, we'd almost be convinced that she traveled back to the '60s to get them.

In the picture, Ciara's seen wearing her hair in a half-up, half-down style with retro bangs framing her face. The style was created by her hairstylist, Kiyah Wright, and she wore it for ABC's Disney Holiday Singalong, which aired on the network on Nov. 30.

Check out the singer's new hairstyle above, and read ahead to see some of our favorite banged looks from her.

Ciara Wearing Side Bangs

Ciara Wearing "Birkin" Bangs

Ciara Wearing Wispy Bangs

Ciara Wearing Retro Bangs