Negative-Space Nail Ideas to Take Your Manicure to New Levels

Despite the fact that minimal, pared-back nails have been the top pick for the last few years thanks to people like Hailey Bieber (and her viral glazed-doughnut nails), sometimes, you just need some nail art to jazz things up. Yes, '90s-inspired maximalist designs are fun, but if you need a nail-art look that is as chic as it is timeless, look no further than the negative-space nail trend.

To have a bit of fun with your manicure (and mix up your usual, single-color routine), skip the base color altogether with this trend. For an Instagram-worthy result, your manicure can play with everything from color to 3D effects. Looking to add a touch more personality to your tips? Look to your zodiac sign or hobbies for inspiration. This will guarantee your manicure is completely your own.

To keep the vibe neutral, experiment with dashes, stripes, stars, and more. When paired with a clear or nude base coat, these simple designs really get to shine. Whether your color scheme is bold or subtle, negative-space nail art proves it's all in the details.

Ahead, you'll find plenty of negative-space nail inspiration to bring to your next manicure appointment.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

Smiley Face Negative-Space Nails

Smiley face negative-space nails are perfect for any time of year and can be hand-painted or achieved using stickers.

Dotted Outline Nails

These dotted-line negative-space nails will give a futuristic spin to your minimalist manicure.

Marble Negative-Space Nails

Why not combine the trendy french manicure with negative-space nail art? This blunt french tip with marbling is art.

Negative-Space Nails With Crystals

Incorporate 3D nail art like crystals and gems into your negative-space design for a manicure that is perfect for wedding season.

Brushstrokes Negative-Space Nails

Brushstroke nail art on a nude base? Pure genius.

Jelly Block Negative-Space Nails

Jewel tones are perfect for the fall, but give your negative-space nail art some structure by mimicking this jelly-block design.

Abstract Negative-Space Nail Art

Abstract nail art is an instant conversation starter. To let your design shine, layer it over a clear base.

Peek-A-Boo Negative-Space Nails

These peek-a-boo negative-space nails are a playful take on the trend.

Floral Negative-Space Nails

If you're a lover of flowers and greenery, add a floral deisng to your negative-space nails.

Colorful Dot Nails

Another easy negative-space nail-art design is multicolored dots. Use a shimmer polish to add some extra dimension to the look.