Who Are the Artists on Netflix's Tattoo Redo? You're Probably Already Familiar With a Few

Tattoo removals and coverups — specifically those among celebrities — have been a big source of interest for us lately, so you could say that Netflix's latest reality series Tattoo Redo debuted at just the right time. The brand-new show follows five established tattoo artists tasked with taking some of their clients' most embarrassing or regrettable pieces of ink and working their magic to transform them into masterpieces.

According to the trailer, the tattoos in question range from incorrectly translated foreign language tattoos that are (somehow) still extremely common these days to others that have simply faded or lost their meaning over time. The big twist of the show is that each coverup design will be chosen, not by the clients receiving them, but by their loved ones — and even though that sounds like a recipe for chaos, the show's cast of trusted tattoo masters managed to make each new design work well.

Before you dive the episodes, which are now available to stream on Netflix, read ahead to get to know each of the tattoo artists featured on Tattoo Redo. Spoiler: you may already be familiar with a few of them.

Miryam Lumpini

Arguably the most recognizable name of the bunch, Lumpini is the global director of tattoo artistry for KVD Beauty and the creative director for BIC's BodyMark temporary tattoo marker. The Sweden-born, Los Angeles-based artist refers to herself as "The Witchdoctor," and her long list of celebrity clients includes Kehlani, Slick Woods, Jhené Aiko, and Swae Lee.

Twig Sparks

Twig Sparks is a Florida-based artist who works out of Fort Lauderdale's Hand Crafted Tattoo. His real name is Adrian, though according to a biography on Color Collab, his nickname was coined by a childhood friend who thought his hair looked "twiggy." Sparks has been tattooing in various locations from Florida to Las Vegas since the 1980s.

Tommy Montoya

Montoya is a featured artist at Klockwork Tattoo Club in Covina, California specializing in black and white portrait tattoos. Beginning in 2011, he was a cast member on TLC's short-lived reality series NY Ink, an east coast spinoff of Kat Von D's LA Ink.

Matt Beckerich

Beckerich is a co-founder of Fountainhead New York, a tattoo studio on Long Island. He began tattooing at the age of 17 and has been doing so full-time for the last 20 years.

Rose Hardy

Originally from New Zealand, Hardy is a New York-based tattoo artist at Brooklyn's Mikiri Gallery. She's also the creator of Tenderthorn Studios where she designs and sells porcelain sculptures.

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