Nikita Dragun's Best Beauty Tips Will Change How You Do Your Makeup

Before accumulating millions of followers on Instagram and starting cosmetics company Dragun Beauty, influencer Nikita Dragun was making YouTube videos from her bedroom. After five years of them, her channel has become a goldmine of beauty tips, and we've rounded up some of the best ones.

Ahead, you'll find tutorials that simplify how to elongate your eyebrows, contour and highlight your face, and apply false eyelashes. She has even given fans easy ways to create Instagram-worthy looks (like the blurred lip trend and a spooky yet glamorous Halloween costume). Read on for some of her best beauty how-tos, ahead.

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How to Elongate Your Eyebrows

Maybe your brows are sparse from overplucking, or perhaps they were short to begin with. If you're looking to make your eyebrows appear longer but have no idea where to begin, Nikita Dragun gives her fans a five-second tip on how to do so. At around the 3:40 mark of this video, she holds the brush against her face with its handle starting at the edge of her nose and extending past the outer corner of her eye. She says the eyebrow should end where the handle does.

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How to Apply Contour and Highlight

Nikita Dragun applies her highlighter in a very specific way: at around 3:13, she says she focuses the product on the highest point of her cheekbones, before blending upward and downward for the diffused look you see in her Instagram photos.

After applying highlighter on her nose with her fingertip, she takes a bronzer and draws a line just above the tip of her nose. She said this trick makes "the point and tip of your nose stick upward."

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How to Apply False Eyelashes

This video features two generations of beauty know-how, and this time it's her mother that offers the most worthwhile beauty advice. At 4:40, she explains that when you're applying false lashes, it's all about the angle you're looking at your mirror from. She angles her mirror so that she can look down at it. "I feel like it relaxes the skin around my eyelashes and creates a plateau waiting for the lashes to be laid [sic]."

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How to Re-Create the Blurred Lip Look

In this video, Dragun transforms herself into "Dragun the K-Pop Sensation" and shows her fans how to create a blurred gradient lip. At 12:10, she demonstrates how she layers her products in the following order: moisturizing chapstick, lip gloss, a bright red liquid lipstick (at the center of where her lips part), and a slightly deeper liquid lipstick (above the brighter version of the hue). In between steps, she smacks her lips together and blends the products with her fingertips to create the blurred effect.

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How to Create Quick (and Glam) Halloween Costume

If you're in search of a low-maintenance Halloween makeup look that is equal parts spooky and glamorous, check out Dragun's monochromatic pink iteration of a vampire costume, particularly how she applies her highlighter and blood drip. For her otherworldly highlight (which she begins to apply at 4:35) she layers both a cream and a powder highlighter that both had duo-chrome shifts. For her blood drip (which she sweeps on at 6:40), she uses a liquid lipstick followed by glitter, which ultimately gave the look an unexpected wet look.