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Nordstrom Beauty Editor Gift Guide For the Holidays

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We've partnered with Nordstrom to share the gifts one editor is asking for this year that any beauty enthusiast is sure to want, too.

For the last few weeks, my For You page on TikTok has been filled with one thing: holiday wish lists. As of late, Gen Z teens and millennial adults alike have been sharing their most-wanted products for the holidays, which got me thinking about what I really want this year, too. The short answer: beauty products.

As a beauty editor, I have the chance to keep my eyes on all of the new and coolest beauty products, including the unique and limited-edition gift sets that hit Nordstrom shelves. With that said, I've been browsing and adding products to my own must-have list for weeks and finally narrowed down my most coveted products into one clear list (that I'll most likely be sharing with loved ones).