You Guys, Octopus Buns Are SO In Right Now

POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Siegel
POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Siegel

As the sun is shining outside the POPSUGAR office and people are starting to clear out for their first Summer Friday, the edit team is still hard at work. But since we editors are always on top of the coolest trends, our eagerness to leave for the weekend does not stop us from having the latest viral hairstyle: the octopus bun.

The octopus bun is the perfect marriage of the millennial normcore aesthetic and creature-inspired beauty. Who wants to look like a magical, luminescent unicorn when they can look like a creepy-crawly, tentacled creature from the depths of the sea?

To achieve this high-fashion look, grab your stretched-out scrunchie or hair-tying apparatus. Proceed to form a ponytail on the top of your head, and the last time you put your pony through the loop, don't pull it all the way through. Let the ends hang out the front haphazardly. The result makes a hair mound with tentacles and the chicest bun you've ever seen.

This look works best when your hair is dirty, your makeup is fading away, and your friends are all hanging out without you at a rooftop bar for happy hour. Bonus points if they're already on their way to the Hamptons or another weekend destination.

Octopus buns have already become the favorite Summer hairstyle at the POPSUGAR office, and they will for you too . . . whether intentionally or not.