Olivia Rodrigo Shared Her Favorite Beauty Products and the Importance of Self-Care

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Olivia Rodrigo's at-home beauty routine isn't super extensive, but like many of us, she still views it as a much-needed form of self-care. In a new video for Vogue, the "Deja Vu" singer spilled all the details on the beauty products she likes to use and how performing all the steps in her routine typically helps her feel better.

"Doing your makeup or doing your skin care or taking a shower or taking care of your hair or whenever you're not on your phone or you're by yourself and you can kind of recharge — that's really important to me," she said. "I love alone time. I'm very much an introvert, and so doing stuff like that really helps energize me for whatever I'm doing in my work or life."

This makes a lot of sense considering one of the first steps of her routine involves a gua sha stone that she uses to massage her serums into her skin. "I kind of just started recently doing this this year, and it's really relaxing," she said. "Sometimes I do this at the end of the day when I'm taking my makeup off."

The actress also opened up about how her makeup skills have evolved since her early teenage years and why she views wearing makeup a lot differently now. "I would do contours where it was just like lines. Lines. Lines," she said. "Winged eyeliner that went crazy in this direction. I had thick brows and overlined lips . . . I definitely have toned it down a lot since then. That's been a part of growing up. I'm still gaining a lot of confidence in how I look and probably will be for a very long time."

Watch Rodrigo's full routine here and read ahead to shop a few of her go-to products.

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