I Hadn't Shaved My Legs For Months, but This Single-Blade Razor Cut Right to the Chase

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About six weeks ago, I decided to just stop shaving. I don't have an inspiring reason; the routine just started to feel tedious. I was also a little bit curious to see how long my leg hair could grow if I let it do its thing (yes, I'm that bored). Then, last weekend, I was digging through my beauty drawers and fell upon the Oui the People Sensitive Skin Razor ($75), a single-blade razor I'd received months ago, pre-shelter-in-place. I figured, hell, if I'm going to shave my leg hair — which, for the record, was noticeably long at that point — why not do it with this? I'd heard so much hype about the product from friends and colleagues over the years, so I was excited to see how it'd actually work, especially on my new growth. Of course, it was nothing short of marvelous.

The blade is so gentle on the skin, I almost thought it wasn't working at first. Then, I looked down at my legs in the shower and all that hair was gone — like, not an inch of stubble in sight. Granted, getting used to the single-blade experience can take some time. You have to hold it just right to get the smoothest shave, but even still, I've never been happier to remove my body hair. Bonus: it's a lot better for the environment than the $12 disposable razors I was buying in bulk from Target before this.

POPSUGAR Photography | Samantha Sasso

But here's the best part: it's been a solid week, and my hair has barely grown back — if you could see the close-up of my legs right now, you wouldn't see any hair. I can't even explain the science behind how slowly my hair is now growing because of using the Oui, but sigh, why didn't I use this razor sooner?