14 Photos That Show Why Passion Twists Should Be Your Next Post-Social-Distancing Style

Spending more time inside is good for a multitude of reasons. For example, not having any plans for the next few weeks might mean that you can give yourself a lot more time to focus on your self-care needs or finally formulating a regular skin-care routine. It's also a really good time to nurse your hair and focus on maintaining its health, whether that's committing to a weekly cowash and deep-conditioning treatment or throwing it up in a protective style to make sure you're keeping manipulation to a minimum. If you're more inclined to do the latter, there's a fairly new Instagram-worthy style you should consider.

Passion twists have been all over Instagram for a while now, and according to Byrdie, they were created by Miami hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, also known as The Boho Babe. They're similar to Marley twists, except these are installed using a wavier braiding hair that makes the twists look a lot curlier and springy. Like box braids, they're the perfect style to get you through long stretches of time when you're trying to keep the stress off of your natural hair while also promoting growth.

Take a look ahead to see some of our favorite takes on the style.