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Pastel Plum Hair Color Ideas and Inspiration

A Case For "Pastel Plum," One of the Best Hair Colors For Darker Skin Tones

Pastel Plum Hair Color Ideas and Inspiration

Even though choosing the right hair color is a tricky process for everyone, I'm a firm believer that there aren't too many hair colors out there that don't look good on Black women — last summer's #DMXChallenge made that very clear for me. Out of the dozens of shades that look amazing on dark skin, one of my favorites is "pastel plum."

This hue is very similar to lilac, and it's a really out-of-the-box choice if you're looking to test out a new fall hair color that's not too moody or dark. "Pastels can sometimes make for too harsh of a contrast or wash you out," hairstylist Noel Reid-Killings previously told POPSUGAR. "It's important to pay attention to your skin's undertones. Those are the colors you want to bring out. If you have warmer undertones, you want to aim for blues and purples as it contrast nicely."

Read ahead to get a look at my favorite takes on the pastel plum hair color.

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