Striving For "Glass" Skin? This Peach & Lily Discovery Kit Is All You Need

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"Glass" skin, a Korean beauty trend that emphasizes dewy, near-reflective skin, took hold of beauty enthusiast's hearts the last few years and has ceased to let them go. Achieving glass skin does not require loading up on highlighter to make the face look luminescent: rather, it's about getting a clear complexion.

For those of us who have far from perfect skin (like myself), the thought of attaining this trend seemed far from reality. The same was true for Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. Yoon struggled with severe eczema her whole life, and because of her skin's specific needs, she decided to create a beauty line that was complete with transformational products fit for all skin types. With an emphasis on the latest K-beauty trends and innovations, Peach & Lily offers everything from a cold brew cream recovery stick ($28) that de-puffs and rejuvenates the eye area to peach slice deep blemish microdarts ($9) that rapidly treats breakouts.

One of the brand's most beloved products is the Glass Skin Discovery Kit ($39), which gives you everything you need to achieve clear and dewy skin, all while developing a healthy and easy skin-care routine. The kit comes with the brand's best-selling products that help you build a regimen, regardless of your skin type or concerns. This four-step regimen includes a hydrating gel cleanser, wild dew toner treatment, glass skin serum, and a matcha-infused antioxidant cream.

"This routine was created specifically to work on all skin types — including for those with eczema, and other challenging skin issues from rosacea to persistent breakouts," Yoon told POPSUGAR. "Ultimately, there are fundamental elements all skin loves — but when these ingredients are combined with irritants, non-clean ingredients and harsh levels of actives, skin can either breakout or become reactive, and definitely be too much for those with sensitive skin." And because all Peach & Lily products are formulated without sulfates, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes and colorants, parabens, mineral oil, and silicones, you can rest easy knowing your skin, no matter how sensitive it might be, is being looked out for.

When I first tried the gel cleanser, I instantly noticed the lightweight texture. It felt hydrating and refreshing on my skin, and left behind a faint and dreamy smell of chamomile. One thing I always look out for when I'm using a new face wash is if it takes off my mascara, and this product passed the test. The Wild Dew Treatment Essence is the second step in the kit, and it helps take off any leftover makeup that the cleanser missed. The next (and most raved-about) product in the kit is the Glass Skin Refining Serum. Being a big fan of any and all serums, I was eager to try it out. One of main ingredients in the serum is peach extract, which is not commonly found in other beauty products because it's difficult to extract. (Just a note that I found that my skin looked much brighter when I layered it under my own vitamin C serum, so that's what I've been doing.) The last and final step of the kit involves lathering your face with matcha pudding. This antioxidant-rich cream is made with — you guessed it — matcha to help plump the skin while sealing in moisture. It does leave skin a bit dewy, so I suggest using a light foundation as opposed to a heavy one if you choose to wear foundation on top. While my skin still has to way to go to becoming as "glassy" as I had dreamed about, this kit has gotten me closer to my goal than I ever thought possible.

Whether you struggle from dry skin, eczema, breakouts, or what have you, the Discovery Kit will target your concerns while giving you the luminescent glow you were looking for. Every step in the routine complements the other, due in part to the cutting-edge formulas and premium ingredients that are used which are suitable for all skin types. "And after years of ingredient research, trial-and-error, hands-on practice, I was able to transform the way my skin looks and feels. I saw a huge difference from visibly rashy skin to skin that started to look so clear it almost looked translucent. So when I created Peach & Lily, I wanted to help others be able to also transform how their skin looks and feels," Yoon said.