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How to Get K-Beauty Glass Skin

Master Instagram-Worthy Glass Skin With Sephora's Top K-Beauty Products

You’ve seen glass skin all over Instagram, and now we’re here to help you achieve it IRL. We've teamed up with Sephora to explain what products you need to get the look.

When talking about skin, we tend to discuss what we'd like to change or fix. Everyone wants smaller pores, a clear complexion, and an even skin tone. Enter glass skin, the Korean skincare trend that has beauty junkies everywhere perking up and taking notes. Keep reading to see our breakdown of the K-beauty trend and how you can master the look on your own with these exclusive skincare products from Sephora.

"Glass skin" is really just another name for poreless-looking, luminous, hydrated, translucent skin. Skin that's smooth as glass. Double cleansing, exfoliating, misting — K-beauty is all about a multi-step, ritualistic skin care in which the final result produces a crystal clear, seemingly poreless complexion. With a few well-tagged Instagram posts, the trend went viral, and now everyone wants to know how to achieve the same dewy look sans highlighter.

But thankfully, some of our favorite K-beauty brands created products designed to help you tackle your skincare concerns and achieve the glow of your dreams in a much more manageable way.

If you know anything about your skin, you know properly hydrated skin equals good skin. So in addition to drinking the right amount of water daily (eight cups!) and doing what you can to protect your skin's barrier (tepid showers!), you should be using products in your routine that really quench your skin. Try adding a hydrating serum to your regimen to specifically target and treat you skin's hydration levels with quality ingredients and formulas.

Innisfree is a skincare brand which is formulated with ingredients sourced from Jeju Island, Korea. There, the unique ecosystem provides the ideal environment for skin-loving ingredients to flourish. The Jeju green tea extract in the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydration Serum is particularly effective when it comes to replenishing hydration. In addition, the green tea seed oil helps retain your skin's moisture, while the panthenol helps strengthen your skin's moisture barrier. All of these elements come together for a winning combo.

While on the subject of your skin's moisture, let's talk about lips! People often forget that the skin on your lips is some of the most delicate and requires special attention. Laneige, a brand known for skincare masks, really upped the ante with its Lip Sleeping Mask. The balmy texture goes on smooth and quickly absorbs into your lips, soothing your dry-feeling and chapped pout. Bonus? Its powerhouse formula is enriched with antioxidants and the sweet fragrant blend of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts to protect your lips' delicate nature and give them a plumper, softer look.

What product can make or break your glass skin dreams? Moisturizer, obviously. Luckily, this is where K-beauty really shines. The goal here is a product that is suuuper hydrating, but also fast absorbing. You want the shine without the stickiness.

Thankfully, depending on your primary skincare concern, there is a moisturize for you. If your skin is prone to the look of redness, Dr.Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Calming Gel Cream works like a charm. This ultralight gel formula soothes sensitive skin and helps strengthen, balance, and improve skin’s defenses by providing the right dose of hydration. If you're looking for something to really target your dry patches, try Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream. It quickly absorbs into skin, locks in moisture, and provides lasting hydration without any type of greasy residue. And for all those with dehydrated or dull-feeling skin? Belif's The True Cream Aqua Bomb is your answer. Its ultralight, oil-free gel formula instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin, while the skin-smoothing properties help to tighten the look of pores, giving your complexion that crystal clear, glass-like effect.

Glass skin is a combination of method, ritual, and, let's face it, genetics, but when you have the right products to hydrate your skin you can get this glowy, viral trend IRL.

Credits: Photographer: Matthew Zach; Senior Art Director: Colleen Lennon; HMU Artist: Elayna Bachman; Manicurist: Kayo Higuchi; Model: Kaylyn Kanta