This Shower Oil Is the Only Thing That's Been Able to Rehydrate My Dry Winter Skin

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Even though I've lived on the East Coast for several years, this California girl still hasn't gotten used to New York Winters. Exhibit A: the dry, chapped patch of skin that appears on my shins like clockwork every December.

No amount of lotion or balm seems to work. In one particularly desperate moment, I even resorted to slathering Vaseline on the area in hopes of stopping the itching. I needed a better solution — something that would keep my skin soft and moisturized no matter how cold and dry the Winter air gets.

Enter: Philosophy Nature in a Jar In-Shower Oil ($32). This vegan, cruelty-free product comes from the brand's naturally derived Nature in a Jar line and promises to lock in moisture in the shower, before your skin ever gets dry.

Needless to say, I was intrigued — and after just a few days of using the shower oil, I'm a believer. After showering, I turn off the water, wring out my hair, then slather about a tablespoon of the oil all over my damp skin. Instead of buffing myself dry, I just allow the oil to absorb as my skin air-dries. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first — you're seriously telling me that an oil won't leave your skin greasy? — but my dry Winter skin soaks up the moisture in just a minute or two. Best of all, my skin stays moisturized and calm all day long, and those scaly, irritated patches are all but gone. One word of warning: spilling even a few drops of oil can turn your bathroom into a slip-and-slide, so apply carefully.

The shower oil gets its supermoisturizing status from hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil — an of-the-moment ingredient that's as useful as it is trendy. The omega fatty acids in this cold-pressed oil soothe and nourish dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. The subtle fragrance is also a major bonus: floral and slightly earthy, the scent is just strong enough to leave your shower smelling like a spa but won't follow you around all day.

Plus, the packaging for the entire Nature in a Jar line (excluding the caps) is recyclable and made from 50-percent postconsumer recycled material. Since I know that I'm going to need to restock before Winter ends, that's music to my ears. See ya never, dry skin.